Planning Board notes: Public hearing set on on boat storage proposal, Enclaves update

The Southold Town Planning Board on Monday voted to accept the revised draft environmental impact statement for the proposed Strong’s Storage Building as adequate for public review and set a public hearing for May 15 at 6 p.m.

The proposal calls for the construction of two boat storage buildings at 3430 Mill Road in Mattituck by developer Jeff Strong. The site adjoins the Mill Road Preserve, a public enclave with trails for walking and bird watching. One of the buildings would be 52,500 square feet and the other would be 49,000 square feet. The facility would be located on 32 acres in the Marine II zoning district and Residential zoning district where there currently are 69,245 square feet of existing boat yard buildings.

Residents and civic organizations have raised concerns about the project. According to Save Mattituck Inlet, the project will result in the removal of 630 mature trees and haul away 134,00 cubic yards of sand over narrow local roads. Other concerns include threats to water quality and marine life as well as a potential increase in the number and size of boats traveling through the inlet to Long Island Sound.

Save Mattituck Inlet created a petition calling for the Town Planning Board to stop the project. The petition has 3,082 signatures to date.

Last summer, around two dozen protesters in kayaks took to the waters at Mattituck Creek to protest the proposed construction of the project.

At the time, Mr. Strong told The Suffolk Times that he and his family understand resident’s concerns as they are also active boaters.

“We’re not going to do anything that’s going to jeopardize our neighbors or our family,” he said.


The Planning Board also reviewed the revised site plans on the proposed Enclaves Hotel and Restaurant in Southold.

The plan calls for the conversion of an existing 3,026 square foot residence with a 584 square foot addition into a 74-seat restaurant. The proposal includes the construction of a hotel with 44 units and an outdoor pool on 6.75 acres in the Hamlet Business Zoning district on Main Road in Southold.

The proposed two-story hotel would include a full basement and four detached cottages, an accessory event space, outdoor swimming pool and 132 parking spaces.

Brian Cummings of the Town Planning Department helped get the board up to speed on the project. According to Mr. Cummings there were no major changes to the site plan he said the updates were “mostly within the context of chapter 236 storm water requirements and emergency access requirements through our fire marshal’s office.”

Other changes included the addition of road striping for no parking and fire lanes, and the addition of an extra fire hydrant on site. The developer was also required to change the species of the sites proposed shade trees from elms to dogwoods in their landscape plan.

Outstanding approvals needed from the Planning Board include fire marshal sign off from the building department and a performance guarantee estimate to be reviewed by the town engineer as well as wastewater approval from Suffolk County Department of Health Services, a Highway Work Permit from NYS Department of Transportation, and Covenant and Restriction proof of filing from Office of Suffolk County Clerk.

The project was granted a special exception use with conditions by the Zoning Board of Appeals in December 2021.

Last April, The Suffolk Times reported those conditions include stipulation against outdoor events, events with more than 100 guests or other special events as defined in town code. Outdoor music is not permitted and the number of approved hotel units may not be expanded and hotel amenities like the spa, pool cabanas and rooftop lounge are limited to use by overnight guests only. The restaurant is for public use.

The project has been controversial in Southold town and residents have voiced concerns about its potential impact on traffic and the town’s ability to enforce event size. Concerned residents have also said that it doesn’t fit in with overall community character.