Wednesday concerts return to Silversmith’s Corner in Southold

Starting June 28, free concerts have returned to Silversmith’s Corner in Southold and will continue Wednesdays through August. 

Robert Blank, a lifelong musician and director of these concerts, plans to have a variety of musicians performing this coming summer. 

When he took over in 2016, Mr. Blank intended to increase the types of music showcased at these concerts and bring more people to the shows.

Mr. Blank has played everything from rock ’n’ roll and jazz to the glockenspiel in a marching band. “While I may not have been a fantastic musician, I knew fantastic musicians,” he said. 

This summer, concertgoers can expect returning classics, including the Sweet Adelines, a group of Long Island-based women singing barbershop-style, and The Greenport Band, which plays regularly in Greenport on Friday nights and is known for not rehearsing beforehand.

When eating at a local restaurant, Mr. Blank heard the Evan & James Band and gave them a summer gig on the spot. He wanted to help showcase and give them a chance to be heard. These two will be playing on July 19. 

Mr. Blank is determined to bring together a variety of new and old sounds for this summer and is excited about the upcoming performances. 

“I know good jazz playing when I hear it, and we have several excellent jazz groups,” said Mr. Blank. Some of the bands include Darcey & the Jazz Edge and Rhonda Denét, who sing “lots of great soul music, jazz” and other styles, he said.

In his seven years running the concert series, Mr. Blank has tried introducing different types of sounds to expose locals to new music. “Usually, I get a very nice response from the audience,” Mr. Blank said. 

Mr. Blank personally vets bands and musicians that he learns about and curates a varied lineup of artists. This summer, the lineup includes Fiddler’s Green, a group that plays Irish folk music. They will also play another role in this year’s series.

“What’s interesting about them is they are also our light and sound technicians,” Mr. Blank said. Fiddler’s Green will attend each concert and perform on Aug. 23.

An audience at one of last year’s concerts. (courtesy: Robert Blank)

2023 is the 50th anniversary of the Peconic Land Trust gifting Silversmith’s Corner to Southold Town. On July 19, there will be a donation ceremony to commemorate the anniversary before the weekly concert.

To Mr. Blank, this is more than just a music presentation. “This is a place I know that people can just sit together and have a real good time listening to music,” he said. “They love it, and they keep coming back.”

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