Southold Blotter: Police respond to fight in Greenport

• A 64-year-old Greenport man told police last Wednesday that an unknown person in Virginia cashed a check for $2,700 from his account. The bank said unknown person presented himself as the Greenport man and produced a passport ID to back it up. The bank will reimburse the amount.

• Police arrested Charles Donarummo, 25, of East Marion Saturday on charges related to a Southold woman’s complaint that he beat her. The woman was taken to Stony Brook Eastern Long Island Hospital, where a CT scan showed she sustained a nasal fracture and a contusion to her orbital socket. Mr. Donarummo was arrested at his residence,  transported to headquarters and held for arraignment.

• Police responded to reports of a fight at a Laurel residence Saturday, where they said Jose Gonzalez Fuentes, 37, of Greenport was “showing signs of intoxication and possible excited delirium.” Police wrestled Mr. Fuentes to the ground in order to prevent him from going into the house. A report said Mr. Fuentes tried to get up and pull away from the officers and  was placed in a patrol vehicle with the assistance of a third officer. He then began banging his head on the passenger side window and the partition between the seats, according to police. Mr. Fuentes was then transported to Stony Brook Eastern Long Island Hospital, where he was sedated.

• Emily Curcuru, 40, of Southold was arrested Saturday for violating an order of protection. She was transported to headquarters for processing.

Those who are named in police reports have not been convicted of any crime or violation. The charges against them may later be reduced or withdrawn, or they may be found innocent.