Letters to the Editor: We welcome the school to Cutchogue

Why is there so much hate now?

What is going on in America today? Why are our colleges so filled with hate? Why is our government so divided? Why does our news media slant their reporting to fit its narrative? Why, yes why that is the question!

Growing up in the ’50s and ’60s gave the boomer generation a different view. We saw injustice and we tried to correct it. We listened to leaders as John Kennedy, Martin King, Robert Kennedy, Eugene McCarthy, Richard Nixon and others. 

Theirs was always a message of hope that good would over come evil. That courage and steadfastness was the course to aspire towards. That right must be the master of might.

Today, I am watching evil transgress across our country and the planet at a pace that I can only express as gobsmacked! I pray Americans of all faiths can regain their courage and steadfastness. That America can right the course of our country and then the world. Evil must be challenged whenever it rears its face. 

Freedom comes with responsibility; that is what our Constitution expresses. We have a right to “peaceful assembly and to petition the government.” We cannot allow rabble to violently protest in our streets or on our schools of learning and call it “Freedom of Speech,” it is anything but! Civility must be returned to our way of resolution. 

Evil can only exist if those of goodwill stay silent. Call, write or speak with your representatives ask them to show courage and stop violent protest, follow the Constitution and bring civility back into prominence.

Bob Bittner

We welcome the school to Cutchogue

Just around the corner, in January 2024, Peconic Community School will open its doors. The Cutchogue Civic Association is delighted to welcome this thriving and ever-growing private school as it takes root in the heart of Cutchogue. 

It seems like only yesterday when the Cutchogue community met at our library for a civic association program to hear the vision and dreams of Peconic Community School and its bid to relocate in the former Our Lady of Mercy Regional School building. The packed audience voiced their support and now it is soon to be a reality — the long-vacant property and building in the center of Cutchogue will come to life with the sounds and joys of young and growing minds. We couldn’t be more pleased. 

For more information and to become a member of the Cutchogue Civic Association, please visit cutchoguecivicassociation.org.

Cutchogue Civic Association
Board of Directors