Southold Blotter: Drunk driving incidents in Greenport, Cutchogue and Southold

• A 74-year-old Cutchogue man told police on Oct. 23 that he received a text on his cellphone from Visa about fraudulent charges on his account. The text included a number to call. The man called that number and gave a man who answered some information. The man told police he did not suffer any financial loss.

• Also on Oct. 23, a Peconic woman told police she was the victim of a phone scam. She reported receiving a call from Bank of America regarding fraudulent activity on her account. The caller had her log into her accounts and later, when she checked those accounts, she saw numerous fraudulent transfers to an unknown Zelle account. These transfers totaled $2,500. The woman told police the man on the phone had also prompted her to log into her mother’s bank account, where an additional $200 was taken.

• Matthew Fowler, 42, of Danbury, Conn., was stopped on Sound Drive in Greenport Oct. 23 after police received a report of a car failing to maintain its lane of travel. After performing poorly on a field sobriety test, Mr. Fowler was placed under arrest and taken to headquarters to await arraignment in town justice court.

• Esteban Gonzalez Rufino, 63, was arrested Friday after police received a report of a vehicle traveling on Route 25 in Southold with a flat tire. Police located the vehicle and spoke to Mr. Rufino, who they said was unsteady on his feet and smelled of alcohol. He failed a standard field sobriety test and was placed in custody and transported to headquarters for processing.

• Stefanie Kelly Cotto, 47, of North Babylon was pulled over by police on Route 48 Friday in Cutchogue after her car was seen failing to maintain its lane of travel. She was found to be intoxicated, placed under arrest and transported to headquarters for processing.

• A 25-year-old Cutchogue woman told police Sunday that someone hacked her Instagram account and posted graphic photos to the public. The woman told police she had not used the account in 11 years and did not create the photographs. The woman also told police she was concerned because she has posted photos of her children on Instagram. No other information was available.

• A Southold man told police on Sunday that $35 had been stolen from his flower stand on Main Bayview Road.

• Matthew Cardi, 54, of Southold was arrested Sunday after he was seen parked in front of a Southold residence. When police interviewed him, Mr. Cardi said he had entered the residence but he would not explain why. It was determined he was intoxicated and he was arrested and transported to headquarters for processing.

Those who are named in police reports have not been convicted of any crime or violation. The charges against them may later be reduced or withdrawn, or they may be found innocent.