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10/30/19 5:40am
10/30/2019 5:40 AM

The Brinkmanns, in an effort to sway Southold Town from acquiring their 1.8-acre Mattituck parcel through a settlement or seizing it by way of eminent domain, have drawn up renderings for a neighboring property they think would be a better fit for the town. READ

10/24/19 6:00am
10/24/2019 6:00 AM

Last month, the owners of a parcel in Mattituck where a controversial hardware store has been proposed were open to negotiating a sale with the town under certain conditions. But that was before discussions fell apart, according to documents exchanged between attorneys for both parties.  READ

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09/22/19 6:00am
09/22/2019 6:00 AM

As Southold Town gathers estimates from appraisal companies in preparation for condemnation of a tract of land in Mattituck, the Brinkmann family, which owns the parcel, say they will fight any attempt to seize the property by eminent domain and called the move “an abuse of power.” READ

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08/29/19 5:55am
08/29/2019 5:55 AM

A six-month temporary building moratorium in Mattituck, first enacted in February, was extended Tuesday night by the Southold Town Board for an additional six months.

The extension drew support at a public hearing, and members of the Brinkmann family, who filed suit against the town in response, vowed they “are not going away.” READ

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08/07/19 6:00am
08/07/2019 6:00 AM

Members of the Mattituck-Laurel Civic Association are backing  a proposal to turn what they call the “last green corner” in Mattituck, where a hardware store has been proposed, into a village green by creating a park to preserve the densely wooded lot and open it to public use.  (more…)

06/30/19 6:00am
06/30/2019 6:00 AM

On a busy corner in Mattituck, near the dangerous turn into Love Lane, sits a vacant piece of land. In May 2018, Brinkmann Hardware Corp. submitted a site plan application to the Southold Town Planning Board to build a 12,000-square-foot hardware store and an 8,000-square-foot paint store on the parcel. From the beginning, their proposal was controversial because of its location, size and potential impact on the community.  READ