06/20/19 6:00am
06/20/2019 6:00 AM

A unique Mattituck tradition that dates back two decades may be on its last legs.

On Monday morning, Mattituck High School principal Shawn Petretti waited outside the school as students began arriving by bus and car, as usual. He feared the school’s annual Tractor Day tradition might have reached its end.  (more…)

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05/08/19 6:00am

When his granddaughters began playing lacrosse on the field at Cutchogue West, Walter Gatz stared at the field in disbelief. 

His daughter, Laurie Italia, recalled how her father would say “We’ve got to fix that field.”

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05/03/19 6:00am

As soon as the school day ends, it smells like low tide.

A blustery wind rolls across the inlet at Marratooka Point, off Park Avenue in Mattituck. It ripples across the muddy water where three Mattituck High School seniors, wearing calf-high rain boots and waist-high waders, stand.