05/21/19 8:06pm
Newly elected Mattituck BOE members George Haase and Jennifer Anderson. (Credit: Tim Gannon)

Voters in all five North Fork school districts overwhelmingly approved their 2019-20 budgets as voter turnout increased for the second straight year after historic low in 2017.


05/19/19 6:00am
05/19/2019 6:00 AM

Several school districts on the North Fork will offer propositions along with their budgets this Tuesday, May 21, when voters head to the polls.

The district that asked voters to pierce the tax cap last year will stay well under the cap this time around — but Greenport will float a $23.8 million bond project at a separate vote in June.

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09/21/18 5:47am

Just weeks after starting a new school year, the New Suffolk Common School community is preparing to say goodbye to principal Christopher Gallagher.

The Board of Education accepted his letter of resignation at a meeting Monday. READ

06/21/15 7:00pm
06/21/2015 7:00 PM

The Wall Street Journal published a profile of the New Suffolk Common School this week, calling it the “little schoolhouse that could (and does).”

The piece, written by education reporter Leslie Brody, was packaged online with a video about the school, featuring interviews with students and staff at the school of just 17 students.

“As tiny districts in New York and elsewhere across the country face pressure to consolidate with neighbors to cut costs, this one stands out for its homey charm and fierce independence,” the story reads.

Watch the video above and read the feature on wsj.com.

05/15/15 3:00pm
05/15/2015 3:00 PM

New Suffolk Elementary School principal tk, center, discussing the district's new policy of releasing public documents at Tuesday's meeting. (Credit: Jen Nuzzo)

New Suffolk Elementary School principal Christopher Gallagher, center, discussing the district’s new policy of releasing public documents at Tuesday’s meeting. (Credit: Jen Nuzzo)

Following an excessed teacher’s recent requests for documents, the New Suffolk school board has adopted its first-ever public information policy.

During the board’s meeting Tuesday, principal Christopher Gallagher recommended that the district require people who seek school documents through the state’s Freedom of Information Law to fill out a standard request form.  (more…)

03/18/15 12:00pm
03/18/2015 12:00 PM

New Suffolk parent Mary Steinfeld expresses concern during the district's meeting Tuesday night.  (Credit: Jen Nuzzo)

New Suffolk parent Mary Steinfeld expresses concern during the district’s meeting Tuesday night. (Credit: Jen Nuzzo)

Facing a budget gap of nearly $160,000 for 2015-16 caused by a unique situation involving a teacher who decided to return to the tiny district from a special assignment, the New Suffolk Board of Education wants input from the community on how best to handle the looming shortfall.

About 40 residents packed the elementary school during a special meeting Tuesday night, during which school board president Tony Dill fielded questions and suggestions after outlining how the projected deficit developed.  (more…)