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01/30/19 6:00am
01/30/2019 6:00 AM

Last year, the Southold Town Board authorized the solid waste district to establish a fee for waste oil disposal after the fee charged by the carter was raised to $0.65 per gallon.

“That has added up to between $10,000 and $12,000 a year now that we’re spending on waste oil,” said solid waste coordinator Jim Bunchuk Tuesday. READ

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10/11/18 6:00am
10/11/2018 6:00 AM

As Vineyard View, a proposed 50-unit affordable housing development in Greenport, moves through the planning stages, the Southold Housing Advisory Commission says there has been a spike in applicants to their affordable housing registry.

“I’ve been fielding a lot of phone calls and each day quite a few forms come in on the registry,” said government liaison Denis Noncarrow at Tuesday’s Town Board work session. “It’s a very good thing. We’re seeing what’s out there with rentals skyrocketing and the availability not there.” READ

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10/10/18 5:57am
10/10/2018 5:57 AM

At a work session Tuesday, Southold Town Supervisor Scott Russell unveiled a tentative budget for 2019 of $47.3 million.

The proposed spending plan calls for a 3.7 percent increase in spending and a 2.3 percent tax increase. For homeowners with an average assessment of $6,000, that means an increase of $45 per year, the supervisor said. READ

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10/03/18 6:00am
10/03/2018 6:00 AM

Southold Town passed a $290,000 bond for the increase and improvement of facilities of the Fishers Island Ferry District last Tuesday night.

The bond will cover replacement engines on the MV Munnatawket estimated to cost a maximum of $150,000. The Silver Eel Channel will also be dredged for a maximum cost of $140,000. READ

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06/20/18 2:00pm
06/20/2018 2:00 PM

Homeowners on Ruch Lane in Southold submitted a petition to the Town Board Tuesday evening asking it to re-evaluate a 2007 local law that prohibits new docks over wetlands at Hashamomuck Pond.

Attorney Patricia Moore, a Ruch Lane resident, submitted the petition. READ

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11/03/16 11:00am
11/03/2016 11:00 AM


Southold Town Supervisor Scott Russell has suggested a temporary moratorium on new winery, brewery and distillery applications, saying the town needs time to revamp the “sparse” codes it has for regulating the industries. READ