02/06/16 8:00am
02/06/2016 8:00 AM

KATHARINE SCHROEDER PHOTOMike Osinski at his home in Greenport.

“Greenport, like towns on Staten Island, prospered from the oyster.”

So wrote John Kochiss, author of “Oystering from New York to Boston,” in 1973, pointing back to the oyster’s heyday on eastern Long Island in the early part of the 20th century.

Fast-forward 100 years or so, and things have certainly changed. READ

02/04/16 6:00am
02/04/2016 6:00 AM


Toward the end of December, Doug Mathie received a call about an elderly woman who had died in hospice.

Mr. Mathie, funeral director at Horton-Mathie Funeral Home on Main Street in Greenport, picked up the woman’s remains and set about preparing for her services. But he ran into a problem: READ