Edith Dahl Wickham

03/29/2011 4:01 PM |

Edith Dahl Wickham, 89, passed away March 20, 2011, at her home, with loved ones by her side. She has left many behind; most precious was her husband, Joseph Parker Wickham.

Edie and Parker had been married for 69 years, a love that was truly irreplaceable. She was a loving and proud mother to her only child, Jay Parker Wickham (married to Cindy) and an unforgettable and amazing grandmother to Stacy Sheppard (married to Michael) and Leigh Allocca (married to Peter). She also leaves behind her beautiful great-grandchildren Sarah, Parker and Jack Sheppard, as well as Ethan and Ella Allocca. Her family was her life and she lit up theirs.

Edie was born in New Jersey and then moved to Mattituck, were she graduated from Mattituck High School. She furthered her education at Bloomfield College, where she received her Registered Nursing degree.

Edie and Parker were high school sweethearts, and after nursing school she went out to Glendale, California, were Parker was living and working as a private contractor for the Air Force. They happily wed in 1942 — the beginning of decades of beautiful memories. They moved back to Mattituck where they started and ran Mattituck Aviation. Edie joyfully welcomed her first and only child, Jay Parker Wickham.

She was a dedicated homemaker and she did an endless amount of volunteer work in her community and beyond. She would go anywhere and do anything to help others. She volunteered at many blood banks and at Eastern Long Island Hospital and was associated with the Minnepogue Club, Historical Society and Mattituck Presbyterian Church.

She is remembered for her immeasurably kind and generous heart, loving ways and undeniable ability to light up the lives of those around her. She was so loved by her family and friends and will be carried on in all their hearts forever.

The family received friends at DeFriest-Grattan Funeral Home, where the Rev. George Gaffga conducted funeral services. Interment was private at Bethany Cemetery.

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  • 4 people shot, a stabbing, and an assault. Yeah Mr. Gerson, “refreshing, live, and vibrant” are not the words I would choose to describe your establishment.

    Let’s shut this bitch down.

  • rocky points a quit town must of the time, u can still wake the streets at night without worrying about being stabbed…. and that’s a ware thing theses days…..rocky point doesn’t need this kind of club in our town!!!! that’s just my opinion…..

  • Eric, I hope you typed that with your thumbs, in the dark.

  • Oxygen is used to host college parties for Stony Brook University students. The night you are referring to was probably a college party, in which entrance requires you to be 18 or have a college ID. So they might have LOOKED young but were in fact atleast 18 years old. And individuals go back to their cars to drink before entering the club, not to take illegal substances. You’re right that this club should be removed since it has a history of altercations but I don’t see what the ethnicity of club-goers has to do with anything.

  • Oh Katherine you are so cute…you said”so they might of LOOKED young but were in fact at least 18 years old”. Ok here goes at least 18 means some were 17.Also if they are going back to their cars to Drink before entering and they are “AT LEAST 18YEARS OLD”Then they are taking illegal substance because the are drinking and not 21 years old….just sayin!

  • I thought there would have been pages and pages of comments on this story. Oh I thought it said “Say No To Walmart!” I guess Walmart isn’t looking so bad after all.

  • I’m not sure why you’re so focused on the race and ethnicity, it detracts from your message. Unless by Oriental you mean they looked like rugs.

  • …while drunk, with your hands superglued together, on a Blackberry with half the keyboard missing.

  • basically they do not belong out here, most locals will go to Tommys Place or Gracies, These people that “club” is bringing in to our town from out of the area, there are bars near Stony Brook that dont bring in this type of people. There is no parking for this club anyway, so how does the town give them a CO to operate. And since most of you seem to know who goes there and what goes on there, I must assume you hang out in this dump also. And Emton, I am not just focused on race and ethnicity, I am just describing who was attending this “club” and they do not live in this community, so let them party in the city or whereever they live, or perhaps one night you or a loved one will get hit by one of them heading home drunk, and you will think twice ! Close it down, its not needed here ! 4 less bullets in this town is ok with me !

  • Do you think the effects of drunk driving are limited to “black & hispanic patrons” and “Oriental looking women?” Are you suggesting that locals never drive after drinking? I think you would be just as upset if you lost a loved one to an alcohol related crash regardless of who was behind the wheel. Also, from your account it sounds as if the women took a cab to the bar, which indicates that they have made plans to transport their drunk assess responsibly.

  • Thank you, I have said locally the same thing. RP as a community can get together and protest a Walmart or sidewalks on King Rd. but this man has been allowed to continually operate establishments of this type where violence has occurred SEVERAL times under different names and yet I hear nothing! And @Emton….if you knew how things are run in the city you would have understood the relevance of being curious at a group of young looking oriental women entering the club from a van all at once. I am not saying that this particular incident was of that nature, as it may have very well been Stonybrook students, but it is well known in the city what that could mean. And if you don’t know what I am talking about, get informed at the way these women are exploited and abused. Stop showing your ignorance by berating another concerned citizen for their spelling and GET INVOLVED. This is not just a club for college students. It is a common practice to bus people in from out west and tell them that this is their “affordable night on the east end.” College students don’t go around packing weapons in anticipation of a deadly confrontation. How many other college hotspots are there on LI? MANY and they don’t have the same level of consistent violence.

  • Until we can say with 100% certainty that no bar/nightclub will ever be able to operate there, this is a hollow victory. Here’s a thought . . . . . why can’t the same people who vigorously oppose Walmart and the like in RP ban together and solicit the town to purchase the parcel and turn it into green space (911 Memorial???) thereby removing the blight on our community and have a space for all of RP residents to enjoy.

  • JANE BONNER should be included in that list of politicians who put forth the effort to close this place down.

  • You’re generalizing, and insinuating that the only acceptable group of Asian-Americans is one from Stony Brook. You can’t pretend to be concerned with the exploitation of a group of women while at the same time tell us that they are not welcome in your neighborhood because all they do is invite crime.

    Clubs like this suck… underage drinking, assaults, shootings, etc. are unacceptable. Blame the club’s owner, blame the perpetrators, praise the town for making a responsible decision today… But don’t blame the bystanders and victims.

    I think “berating” might be a bit strong, either that, or you haven’t cracked a smile in 50 years. Lighten up, Jodie!

  • yes some are probably 17, but they have a college ID. they are in college, it is a college party.

  • just because they don’t live out here they’re not allowed to party out here? this may not be their hometown but technically they actually do live out here because they dorm as students in Stony Brook University. like I said before, I’m all for closing this place down because of the dangerous situations that keep occuring, but i think the way these students are being described is unnecessary.