New Suffolk cuts school spending by 23 percent

New Suffolk taxpayers can expect to see a school spending reduction of about 23 percent for the 2011-12 school year, according to Superintendent Robert Feger.

That’s because there won’t be the one-time expenses of $159,000 that had to be added last fall to the current year’s spending plan of $788,704, which boosted spending by about 21 percent, he said.

Among those one-time costs was an outlay of approximately $100,000 to educate one high-needs student who entered the district well after the budget had been finalized. That student will be too old for the program in September.

There are still a couple of expenses to be determined before the district can have a firm number in hand, but the 2011-12 budget will be close to the current year’s spending plan without those extra expenses, Mr. Feger said.

“The board is extremely grateful” to taxpayers for biting the bullet last fall without complaint. “Their confidence in us last year is being paid back this year,” he said.

At the request of several parents, the new budget will include funds to expand the preschool program from three days a week to five. But the program, which starts in September, will be a half-hour shorter than this year’s three-day program, and will run from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m..

Firm numbers will be provided as soon as the district solidifies its budget, Mr. Feger said.

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