Oysterponds: Dedication of new stained glass window in honor and memory of Don and Hilda McNeill

Congratulations to Oysterponder Emily Demarest, 17, who was a finalist for this year’s Strawberry Queen crown. The daughter of Carl and Danielle Demarest, she will also be among the top of her class at Sunday’s Greenport High School graduation. Way to go, Emily.

A very special prayer service will take place this Sunday, June 26, at Orient United Methodist Church on Village Lane. All of Oysterponds and beyond are invited to participate in the dedication of the new stained glass window created in honor and memory of Don and Hilda McNeill. The time is 4 p.m. Afterward, there will be a reception where you catch up with 2/3 of the McNeill girls. Kathy and family will be in attendance and Donna and her daughter Tracey will ferry over from Connecticut. Unfortunately, daughter/sister/other twin Rosemary LeBailley won’t be there because she’s had a very tough year, healthwise. The good news is that, although it was touch and go for a while, she is on the mend. The even better news is that you can send her a note at 5131 Tamerind Ridge Drive, Naples, FL 34119, and tell her she was missed.

Speaking of being missed, it’s hard to believe that much-beloved Orienteer Doris Morgan, age 95, will be folding her tents on Halyoke and heading to Pennsylvania for her “second half.” Doris first came to Orient summers as an infant and returned as a young bride. She and husband, John, built the home she lives in now and became “weekenders” and eventually year-rounders more than 30 years ago. Doris is a piece of what Orient is all about: smiley can-do attitude, involved in everything. You can catch up with her Sunday at the Methodist Church service and at the dedication later in the day. Her new address will be 610 Harmony Drive, Apt. 111, New Oxford, PA 17350, where you’ll find her picking out colors and furniture for her new home. Godspeed, Doris. Oysterponds’ loss is New Oxford’s gain.

Daughter Sarah and her father spent Father’s Day driving north and ended up in a hotel in Charleston, S.C. When they stepped into the elevator, there was a picture of the Big Duck in Flanders posted on the wall. Of course it was: small world. The next two legs of their road trip will include Oriental, N.C., a tiny sailing town (population: about 800) on Pamlico Sound (sound familiar?) and most likely another port along the Maryland or Delaware coast. By late week Sarah should be tucked in with me on the North Fork — none too soon, since I’ve been saving the wash for her for over a month now. Don’t tell.

Speaking of coastal adventures, I’m a smidge behind but wanted to share the global Memorial Day weekend adventure of new Country Store proprietor Miriam Foster. She and her parents flew across the pond to attend her brother Isaac’s wedding in Cap Ferret, Bordeaux, and welcome new sister-in-law Emeline Bulgheresi-Descuilhes to the family. The three-day celebration of French delicacies and wine was a wonderful way to get acquainted with the new in-laws from Bordeaux, who are descendants of Joan of Arc. The newlyweds live in Paris and will take up residence in Manhattan next month. Miriam also got to spend time on the beaches there so you can solicit a comparison from her when you drop in to buy your scones, which seem to be becoming famous. Her fiancé, Grayson, kept the home fires burning on Village Lane and celebrated his 25th birthday (raise your hand if you remember being that young) by purchasing a new open-back banjo.

There’s a lot going on at OHS: new exhibit, North Fork Fresh, Heritage Day, etc. To learn more, check the calendar, call 323-2480 or go on the website.

Happy day to Oysterponds Lane’s Ted Rackett, who turns 90-plus on Saturday. There’s definitely something in the water here. Enjoy.

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