Report: Orient shooter threatened construction workers last year

Donald Lechtrecker’s police mug shot.

The man who fired multiple shots from a rifle at a construction site in Orient last week threatened workers on the property one year ago, according to a pair of police reports filed last Tuesday by a caretaker for the property.

The caretaker told police Donald Lechtrecker, 65, threatened three construction workers at the Stevenson Road site one year ago after approaching the crew “in a rage,” complaining of noise. In the report, the caretaker states that Mr. Lechtrecker threatened to harm the individuals present.

In a second report made to police an hour later, the caretaker alleged that Mr. Lechtrecker, who he said has been an “ongoing problem,” may have also fired shots toward an individual at the property last year.

A construction worker at the scene last week said he had never seen Mr. Lechtrecker before he opened fire on the crew, which was building a pool house that stands between Mr. Lechtrecker’s property and the Long Island Sound.

Mr. Lechtrecker is currently facing felony charges of reckless endangerment and criminal possession of a weapon for allegedly firing the high-powered rifle in the direction of the crew. He could face additional charges at a later date, according to the Suffolk County DA’s office.

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