Report: Sandy cars from Calverton ending up on used car lots

DEC COURTESY PHOTO | Hurricane Sandy damaged cars parked on the grasslands at EPCAL.
DEC COURTESY PHOTO | State officials said these Hurricane Sandy-damaged cars were illegally stored on grasslands at EPCAL.

ABC News investigators are reporting Sandy-damaged cars that were being stored at the Enterprise Park at Calverton and elsewhere are ending up on used car lots across the country.

According to ABC News, CarFax “estimates that over 100,000 Sandy-damaged vehicles are now back on the road across the United States.”

ABC’s “The Lookout” team went undercover and purchased one such car from a dealership in New Jersey.

The cars, tens of thousands of which were stored on both private and public property in Calverton for about six months, were total-loss cars that had been flooded out during Sandy and were being stored by auction companies.

An estimated 250,00 cars were ruined by the storm.

How do Sandy cars get out on the road? WATCH:

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