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Estates at Royalton in Mattituck receives stop-work order

The Southold Town Planning Board has rescinded a resolution that allowed the Estates at Royalton to proceed with site work.

Town officials said the Mattituck development received a stop-work order after it was discovered work crews were removing materials from the property.

The 11-unit equestrian housing development was given official notice last Monday that it had to stop any construction or work on the property on Cox Neck Road. It had been granted permission to start work prior to final site plan approval with the condition that no materials be taken off the property.

“We found out in fact they were taking materials off the property,” town attorney Bill Duffy said. “They can’t do any work right now, essentially until they get their site plan approved.”

Mr. Duffy believes the material in question was sand, but the town is currently still investigating the issue.

He also explained that the Estates at Royalton could start work again if the town agrees to grant them preliminary approval, but since they are close to getting their site plan approved it may not make a significant difference.

Charles Cuddy, an attorney representing Royalton, called it a “minor transgression.”

“They just took some material off the site they shouldn’t have taken at this time,” he said. “They didn’t do anything they weren’t supposed to do, they just had it there and shouldn’t have moved it until they got final approval. So they rescinded their ability to do anymore work until they get final approval, which they should have very shortly.”

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Photo: The Estates at Royalton received a stop-work order last Monday. (Credit: Kelly Zegers)