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LaValle earmarks $100,000 for Fishers Island road repairs

After a tour of Fishers Island Wednesday, Sen. Ken LaValle said he will commit funds to repair the community’s roads.

Southold Town Supervisor Scott Russell announced that state funds would be available for the roads during the annual Town Board meeting at the Fishers Island School. Fishers Island, which is off the eastern tip of Southold, is part of the town.

Mr. LaValle (R-Port Jefferson) saw the condition of the roads and said he would earmark $100,000 specifically to improve them, Mr. Russell said, followed by applause from residents who attended the meeting.

“One of the gentlemen that took us on a tour told us how bad the town roads were, so I just indicated…before the meeting that I have access to money for Fishers Island for their roads,” Mr. LaValle said on the ferry ride back from the island.

The roads are in “serious disrepair”, the supervisor said.

He thanked Mr. LaValle and noted that in years prior, the senator has secured $430,000 in state funds to improving roadways throughout the Southold. 

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Photo Credit: Kelly Zegers