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Special Report: Investigation sheds light on 1966 disappearance of Louise Pietrewicz

For the second time in her troubled 16-year marriage, Louise Pietrewicz left her husband. 

She moved out of the home they shared on Main Road in Cutchogue and fled to her parents’ farm in Sagaponack, a place of beauty and tranquility not far from the ocean, where she had been born in August 1928.

Her 11-year-old daughter, Sandy, went with her. For a few days, in the protective comfort of her childhood home, Louise felt they had escaped something horrible. Her brother Walter Jasinski was there, and her sister Josephine Vinski was on a nearby farm. Her sister Stephanie Krasity and brothers Leo and Michael Jasinski were a half-hour west in Riverhead.

To reinforce her conviction that their lives would be better now, that there would be no turning back, Louise told Sandy she had purchased two airline tickets to Florida.

“We are getting away,” she told her daughter. Just the two of them.