Southold Blotter: Duck hunt sparks concerns in Cutchogue

Police received an anonymous report on Jan. 24 of two subjects in a boat waving a flag in Cutchogue Harbor near Nassau Point. An officer responded to the vessel while others responded to the caller’s location. Police determined that the subjects were duck hunting, and a report states that “waving a black flag is a method of luring in ducks who perceive that as another duck flapping its wings.”

• On Jan. 23, police responded to a Greenport residence to assist in removing Victor Leverette, 59, of Greenport from the house as he was violating an order of protection. Mr. Leverette was not found at the scene when police arrived but was located the next day. He was charged with violating an order of protection and was arrested and held for arraignment.

• On Jan. 24, police responded to a call about an erratic driver on Route 48 in Cutchogue. Police conducted a traffic stop an found John Hicks, 50, of Riverhead to have “slurred speech, appeared lethargic and was unsteady on his feet,” according to a report. He was determined to be impaired and transported to headquarters to await arraignment.

• A Southold realtor told police on last Thursday that she was cleaning a Southold house to prepare it for sale and found a pistol on a shelf. Police determined the gun was a starter pistol and it was confiscated.

• On Friday, police investigated a report of people living in makeshift shelters in a patch of woods behind St. Patrick’s R.C. Church in Southold. Police found one man there and advised him that he was not allowed to sleep in the woods. He was taken to a residence on Main Bayview Road for the evening, according to a report.

• A 95-year-old Greenport man told police Saturday that a woman named “Daisy” contacted him and said he had won some money. She said he would receive two checks totaling $21,800 in the mail. The man told police that when he attempted to cash them, he was told the accounts had insufficient funds. “Daisy” then told the man to send her a check for $6,000, which he did. In return, he would receive a briefcase containing $900,000. A UPS package arrived at the man’s house that had a combination lock on it. “Daisy” told the man she needed more money and she would give him the combination. He refused. Police opened the package and found it did not contain any money. An investigation is ongoing.

Those who are named in police reports have not been convicted of any crime or violation. The charges against them may later be reduced or withdrawn, or they may be found innocent.