Rotary raises over $7,000 for ‘Greenport Express’ miniature locomotive

The first fundraiser for Greenport Rotary’s “Greenport Express” project drew about 300 people and raised more than $7,000 Tuesday night, according to Rotarian Joe Cherepowich.

The Rotary plans to purchase the locomotive, three cars and about 1,500 feet of track from Rotary member Frank Field, who ran the miniature train on his Greenport property Sundays and holidays from 1985 to 2012, and build and operate a new miniature railroad on a village-owned site at Moore’s Lane.

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Mr. Field, who also has additional trains and equipment, was among those in attendance Tuesday night.

In addition to purchasing meals during the fundraiser at Hellenic Snack Bar, Mr. Cherepowich said attendees also donated about $800.

The Rotary believes it will need $250,000 for the project and plans to host additional fundraisers and seek grants, he added.

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Photo credit: Tim Gannon