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Volunteers needed to staff shelters during emergencies

To better prepare for emergencies, Assistant Deputy Emergency Preparedness Coordinator Lloyd Reisenberg is seeking volunteers to staff shelter locations.

Currently, the Peconic Community Center, Oysterponds and Greenport schools are “primary” shelters; Mattituck and Southold high schools are considered secondary shelters in case a need arises to shelter many people.

“It takes volunteers to staff these shelters,” he said.

Typically, town employees staff the shelters, but Mr. Reisenberg said the need arises for volunteers during more serious events, such as Superstorm Sandy.

Supervisor Scott Russell said residents are encouraged to first shelter in place.

“Ultimately there are situations when that is not possible,” Mr. Russell said, such as substantial weather events where residents lose heat or electricity.

Mr. Reisenberg is planning a training session for those who would like to get information on how to manage a shelter, important checklists and how to track who enters the shelters, especially during more severe emergencies.

No date has been set for the training yet, he said.

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