The Work We Do: Lisa Dreitlein, Creations by Lisa

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My name is Lisa Dreitlein and I am the owner of Creations by Lisa in Greenport.

I’m proud to say I’m starting my 27th year in the village and I’m very excited to be here still.

Recently, we made some renovations to the store. I’ve been here a long time, so it definitely needed a little bit of a lift. It’s very bright and cheery now.

I used to manufacture a line of hand painted clothing, which brought me out here for lunch one day with my mother.

And I thought, ‘Wow, this is such a great place.’ It’s a small town with a lot of energy, and I thought it’d be really nice to open up a store out here one day.

When I was younger, I always worked in retail and I was always drawn to fashion and color and design. I did go to school for merchandising, which was my interest in color combinations and color theory.

One of my favorite things to do is merchandise and put things together, whether it be with color or patterns and things like that.

There’s always a ton of things to be done.

We receive merchandise on a daily basis. We’re either tagging or steaming. We do have a lot of orders that need to be done on a regular basis.

I’ve been fortunate to have employees that I work well with for many years. Without their help, it would be very difficult.

When I first opened the store, my main goal was to offer the latest trends in fashion through different vendors and designs that were affordable.

It has grown into a store that is really accessible to all people, all ages and all budgets.

It’s like Christmas every day, something new coming in and I get excited to share that with the customers.

We have a lot of regular customers and when they come in, it’s nice to show them the new things that have arrived and work with their style and tastes.

It’s just something that I’ve always enjoyed doing, and I guess you’re happiest when you’re doing something you love. That’s what’s kept me here for 27 years.

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