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Southold Blotter: Two people rescued from sinking boat in Peconic

Southold Town police responded to an emergency call from a Baiting Hollow woman who was boating in Long Island Sound around 2:47 p.m. Sunday when there was a heavy westerly wind. The woman said her vessel was sinking just off Cabots Woods Road in Peconic. The owner of the vessel said the boaters had life jackets and were entering the water.

A Southold police bay constable was on patrol in Mattituck Creek at the time and managed to safely return the individuals to shore. They refused medical attention and the boat owner called Sea Tow to help retrieve the boat.

• A Mattituck man with a home in Brooklyn told police around 6:54 p.m. last Tuesday that $950 left in an envelope in the center console of his vehicle had been taken. Police could not find the suspect, and did not see any available surveillance cameras in the area.

• A Mattituck woman told police around 1:19 p.m. Friday that her purse had been removed from her vehicle while it was parked at the Cutchougue landfill. She said she was dumping garbage, left her $100 purse on the center console of her pick-up truck with the doors unlocked, and came back to find it was gone. Inside the purse were three credit and two debit cards and her cell phone. Also removed was $100 cash, the woman’s $100 Mercedes-Benz car keys, a wallet and a hair brush. Police tracked the woman’s cellphone using a GPS locator and found that it was pinging in different areas of Southold. Police checked all areas and landfill workers conducted an extensive search of the garbage to no avail. The woman canceled her cards.

• A New Suffolk woman told police around 4:56 p.m. Friday that a $2,500 ornamental garden vase had been taken from her backyard by an unknown individual. The woman said her husband remembered seeing the vase last Tuesday. No security camera footage was available, police said.

• A Mattituck man told police around 7:46 p.m. Saturday that he believed an individual he met on a dating site had taken multiple items from his home the night before – including a Bose 35 Comfort headset valued at about $350, a Playstation Vita valued at $300, a Samsung tablet valued at $150, an HTC tablet valued at $150 and a Sentey phone charger valued at $20. An investigation is ongoing.

• Police and members of the Greenport and Southold fire departments responded around 11:35 a.m. Sunday, to an anonymous report of smoke coming from a second floor window of a Ludlam Place apartment building in Greenport. Police broke down the door as no one was present in the apartment, and discovered smoke emanating from a burning pot on the stove, which had been left on. The apartment resident was notified of the situation and police cleared all surrounding apartments successfully.

• A Cutchogue woman contacted police around 6:09 p.m. Sunday reporting that an unknown man had entered her home and was sitting on her couch. When police arrived, the woman answered the door and said she did not know where the man had gone. Police searched the home and surrounding grounds, without any results.

• An elderly Mattituck woman, reported missing by a Mattituck man around 12:53 a.m. last Thursday, was found the next day. The man who reported her missing said the two got into an argument while at his residence. He said the woman left via car in an unknown direction, without her cellphone, iPad or medications. Police were notified that the woman had returned to her home Friday, after having spent a night at a motel in Greenport and leaving her cellphone behind.

Those who are named in police reports have not been convicted of any crime or violation. The charges against them may later be reduced or withdrawn, or they may be found innocent.

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