Business group funds new bed at Greenport hospital

Patients recovering from surgery at Greenport’s Stony Brook Eastern Long Island Hospital will soon benefit from a new bed, thanks to the hospital’s latest partnership with LeTip of the North Fork.

A check for $5,500 — which will be used to purchase the Stryker emergency room bed — was presented to a crowd of about 40 staff members last Wednesday morning. 

The hospital expects to receive the bed, which will be housed in their “med-surg,” or medical-surgical nursing, department, in about eight weeks, administrators said.

In a recent interview, SBELIH emergency room manager Devin Kelt said this purchase helps keep the hospital up to date.

“All beds are needed for this hospital because as we know our beds receive a lot of wear and tear,” Ms. Kelt said. “To be able to replace the beds and make the patients more comfortable is very helpful.”

LeTip describes itself as a “business leads networking group” according to its website. The North Fork chapter was started nearly three years ago, current president Tim MacDonald said. This partnership was sparked because of the organization’s goal to continue its charitable work.

“We’re trying to do more things [that are] community focused, to give back to the community,” Mr. MacDonald said.

The group has about 44 members and meets on Wednesday mornings at Veterans Park in Mattituck. Most of the money that went toward the new bed was collected from a “very successful” charity fundraiser the organization held on Oct. 19, Mr. MacDonald said.

“A lot of people donated and the group themselves — to make up the difference — we all basically paid an extra $50 towards our next dues just to bring it up to that $5,500 mark,” Mr. MacDonald said. “It’s just an amazing feeling, helping others.” 

Linda Sweeney, vice president of the SBELIH Foundation and external affairs, joined LeTip a year ago as part of the hospital’s community outreach efforts.

“They’re very philanthropic and this year they decided to steer their funds towards the hospital,” Ms. Sweeney said. “We’re very grateful for what they have done.”

The staff at the hospital also celebrated the arrival of the new bed.

“They were very excited to hear about anything new that will help their patients be more comfortable,” Ms. Kelt said.

The hospital is grateful for the community’s continued support, Ms. Sweeney added.

“This community has sustained this hospital for 118 years,” she said. “This is just another way to really expand on giving.”