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Monique Singh-Roy

07/22/16 9:00am


If you’re going to use one word to describe the work done at Island’s End Woodcraft, Greenport’s new custom-made home furnishing, repair and vintage furniture store, it’s best to avoid “repurposing.” READ

06/13/16 10:47am

My teddy bear, Bjorn, was in a terrible accident 20 years ago.

Bjorn had been my mother’s childhood teddy bear before she gave him to me as a gift back in the 1980s. She had let me play with him when I was younger and I cherished him.

My promise to care for Bjorn was broken when my dog, Lucy, got hold of him.

Two of the bear’s paws and part of its muzzle were chewed away to reveal his sawdust stuffing.

From then on, each time I looked at Bjorn sitting on my shelf, I got a painful reminder of my irresponsibility. I’ve never had him repaired because he’s an antique and I couldn’t find a professional to take care of his wounds — until now.  (more…)

05/16/16 6:55am
Greenport Jerky Company's black pepper sea salt jerky (Credit: Greenport Jerky Company)

Greenport Jerky Company’s black pepper sea salt jerky (Credit: Greenport Jerky Company)

Thick, meaty, chewy and full of flavor, Greenport Jerky is about to become the North Fork’s latest specialty food.

A fan of the art of drying meats, Vincent Macchirole of Greenport has been making his own beef jerky for years. Now he and his wife, Carolyn, have developed their own jerky line.

“We’ve been making jerky in a little smoker and we also have a dehydrator,” Vincent said. “We played around with different flavors and gave them to our friends.” READ