01/29/19 5:20am
01/29/2019 5:20 AM

Every so often, Peconic farmer Fred Lee is approached by someone who wants to know how he had the foresight to convert his farm to organic more than a decade ago.

The move, which saw the farm become certified organic in 2007 but began several years earlier, came just ahead of a dramatic shift in more consumers seeking healthier, organically farmed produce.

“Some people say, ‘Wow you really switched at the right time. You’re a marketing genius,’ ” Mr. Lee said.

But the transition, he added, was more fortuitous than clairvoyant and more a personal decision than one dictated by market trends.  (more…)

01/28/19 7:00pm
01/28/2019 7:00 PM

I’m Charlene Bugdin from Blue Sage Day Spa. I love making my clients feel good about themselves, rejuvenated. I can do anywhere from four to seven treatments a day, other than answering emails, talking to clients, etc.  READ

01/20/19 6:00am
01/20/2019 6:00 AM

A bright blue truck with a flatbed full of tree saplings cruising across the North Fork has been a familiar sight.

Allan Glover, the man in the driver’s seat, has been hauling goods across Long Island and the tri-state area since he was 18. He drove for his father before starting his own business, A.W. Glover Trucking, in 1968. READ

01/19/19 5:30am
01/19/2019 5:30 AM

“He’s retiring? I’m shocked.”

A pause.

“I’m gonna have to call him and ask him to recommend another mechanic.”

That was one customer’s reaction when he heard that Tony Antongeorgi of Tony’s Repair Shop in Mattituck was saying goodbye after more than 35 years in business at his Main Road garage. READ

01/18/19 5:15pm
01/18/2019 5:15 PM

Federal workers are feeling the brunt of the partial government shutdown that is stretching into its fifth week. Many workers have forgone paychecks and others are considering filing for unemployment.

To help lend support, local businesses and charitable organizations are pitching in to assist furloughed government workers during what is now the longest shutdown in American government history. READ