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03/21/19 5:21am

The Southold Union Free School District’s proposed 2019-2020 budget of $30.6 million will remain within the tax cap, administrators said.

The Assistant Superintendent for Business, Chuck Scheid, delivered a presentation to the board Wednesday night which reviewed the district’s sources of revenue and major budget drivers. READ

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01/28/19 5:58am

Students, faculty and community members calling Southold schools may have taken note of the different phone number for the district as of this academic year. 

Audio and visual specialist Erik Kehl and network and systems specialist Tom Schade presented the reason for the phone number change and additional security updates at Wednesday’s board meeting.  READ

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12/16/18 6:00am

At Wednesday’s Southold School Board meeting, member Brian Tobin recalled when Southold alumni admitted to entering the high school building through the back doors in years past.

“That was back when they were students,” he said. “I know we had discussed putting alarms onto the doors so if they’re opened the office gets notified.” READ

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12/12/18 5:55am

Leah Leonard, ENL teacher at Southold Elementary School, stands in front of about 20 Spanish-speaking parents in the school cafeteria. Their children are seated at a separate table in the back of the room, scribbling wildly on Christmas-themed coloring pages and chatting with their peers in Spanish.

Fellow ENL teacher Christopher Ruggi pulls up a website, Raz-Kids, on the projector pointed behind Ms. Leonard. Speaking Spanish, she tells the audience in that it’s time to begin. READ

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12/01/18 6:00am

Next year, the Broadcast Awards for Senior High, an annual ceremony honoring budding multimedia journalists created by Southold High School faculty, will move to Brookhaven Town to accommodate more students across Nassau and Suffolk counties.

The 2019 BASH ceremony will be co-hosted by Stony Brook University’s School of Journalism and held on the college campus May 3. READ

11/27/18 7:00pm
11/27/2018 7:00 PM

My name is Eric Kehl and I work for the Southold School District as the audio/visual specialist here. I started here about 11 years ago.

I was a graduate of Southold High School in 2007 and then I came back about a year and half later when the previous person who held this position retired, and I was his protégé too. I was his student helping him out and now the roles have changed so I have students helping me. READ

07/21/18 5:59am
07/21/2018 5:59 AM


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Grade 11: Sabrina Basel, Jonathan Baumann, Bryanna Bay, Eric Connolly, Patrick Connolly, Olivia Daddona, Caitria Demeroto, Gabriella Drumm, Samantha Dunne, Max Kruszeski, Marie Mullen, Jake Okula, Joseph Owens, Emiliann Palermo, Olivia Saccamano, Dante Tramontana, Michael Wineberger.

Grade 10: Walter (Cole) Brigham IV, Jacquelyn Constantine, William Dickerson, Vanessa Garcia Chicas, Elizabeth Jernick, Kathryn Kilcommons, Olivia Lynch, Julia Mejsak, Jessica Mele, Simon Mraz, Ella Neese, Anna Yao Reilly, Steven Russell, Kaitlin Tobin, Rhian Tramontana, Nicholas Vicinanza.

Grade 9: Patrick Allen, Grace Brodarick, Andrew Clausen, Gabriela Contreras, Hanna DeSimone, Danielle Henry, Brook Howard, Julia Jaklevic, Ethan Magnuson, Kelli McHugh, Sandra Mejia Lopez, Matthew Mullen, Annamaria Napolitano, Samuel Owens, Diana Puluc Curup, Juliet Rand, Magda Rodriguez, Kaia Rothman, Bianca Secaida, Tamara Vidal Vanegas, Benjamin Ward.

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Grade 12: Charlotte Allen, Ashley Bishop, William Burns, Ryan Herrmann, Ashley Hilary, Katherine Jarvis, Julia Kujawski, Matthew McAllister, Mathew Nguyen, Lucie Showalter, Kathryn Stahl, Dominika Steskal.

Grade 11: Jack Antonucci, Deandray Cain, Michael Chacon Munoz, Tyler DeFrese, Robert Elliston, Van Karsten, Anakin Mignone, Marco Palencia Sandoval, Katherine Tasca, Ethan Vandenburgh.

Grade 10: Jack Cosmadelis, James Hoyt, Kate Jones, Felecia Kayel, Kenneth Latham, Andrea Palencia Villavicencio, Maximilian Pasko, Stephen Schill, Julia Vicinanza, Emma Whittington-Quarty.

Grade 9: Ryan Deerkoski, Nicolas Diaz, Jack Giovanniello, Carlos Gomez, Caroline Koslosky, Jaishaun McRae-Carden, Alexis Merino Fernandez, Matthew Messana, Stephen Palermo, Sophia Small, Ania Smith, Reese Thompson, Samantha Tondo.

Grade 8: Can (John) Altintoprak, Katherin Alvarenga Garcia, Thomas Cardi, Mitchell Elliston, Dominick Giovanniello, Michael Innamorato, Jr., Alyssa Kollen, Angela Kollen, Tate Neese, Ava Silvestro, Hannah Taggart.

Grade 7: Adriana Argueta Gutierrez, Quincy Brigham, Lexandra Davis, Robert Doering, Kaitlyn Duffy, Holly Escalante Caravante, Cayla Harley-Hardnett, Benjamin Jernick, Brendan Mullen, Jack Owens, Cesar Palacios, Maya Reilly, Sara Serrano, Nathalie Steskal, Megan Tobin.


Rachel Garms, Ashley Lang, Michael McFarland, Adonis Rodriguez Lima.