02/05/19 6:00am

Did you go to elementary school in the 1970s or ’80s? Was it the 1950s or ’60s? If so, you probably took statewide standardized tests along with 100 percent of your classmates — tests that were designed to give our teachers valuable information on how to help us improve as students. READ

09/23/18 6:00am
09/23/2018 6:00 AM

I arrived in Southold by bus in the summer of 1984, having agreed to a house share, sight unseen, with some friends from Rolling Stone magazine. I was 32, and happy to escape the fetid streets of New York City in the summertime. I knew that the rental, a waterfront cottage, was down a private road — and that was all I knew. READ

07/22/18 6:04am

Our nation is in troubling times and we are seeing daily attacks on our fundamental rights and values. Our daughters and granddaughters are now faced with the threat of having rights we have had protected for over 40 years stripped away from them. Women’s rights are under attack and the state Senate Republicans have refused to protect New York women from these assaults. The fight for women’s health care impacts millions of New Yorkers and it is one that we must win. READ