Storm drops a couple inches of fresh snow on Southold

01/21/2011 10:00 AM |

JULIE LANE PHOTO | there was more snow in Southold Friday, but it only amounted to about two inches in most areas.

The overnight storm, which only dropped about 3 inches of snow in Southold, has passed.

No power outages or major accidents have been reported in the area.

The National Weather Service in Upton said about 1.9 inches of snow were reported in Mattituk by 10:48 a.m.

A high of 34 degrees is expected for today with skies gradually becoming sunnier through the day. A low of 19 is expected for tonight. A high temperature of 24 degrees is predicted for tomorrow and a high of 25 is predicted for Sunday.

Temperatures are not predicted to rise above freezing until Thursday when the forecast calls for a high of 34 degrees.



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  • It’s nice to see you on Yahoo homepage again. Thanks

  • Thanks, Sid!

  • Grant, unfortunately, your podcast comment that you don’t think the Middle Island projects will have an effect on the river demonstrate that you have not read the study; nor do you understand the science involved in creating a protection plan for the Carman’s River. Try again after you’ve read the study.

  • Great, informative podcast guys. Keep it up. I will pass the word to all I run into to give it a listen. Good Luck!

  • Let me get this straight: If you’re standing in the Longwood Library parking lot, you’re in the actual headwaters of the Carmans River; but if you go across Middle Country Road, development there would not affect the river? Strange science?

    By the way, I like the Podcast. Work on the content!