Helen Forestieri

04/11/2011 4:38 PM |

Helen Forestieri of Southold died April 5 at her home. She was 93.

She was born Sept. 20, 1917, in Brooklyn. She lived in Southold for 44 years and was a member of St. Patrick R.C. Church.

Predeceased by her husband, Paul, in 1997, Ms. Forestieri is survived by her children, Carol, Virginia, Paul and John; five grandchildren; and six great-grandchildren. She was also predeceased by four brothers and a sister.

Funeral arrangements are in the care of DeFriest-Grattan Funeral Homes.



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  • Ms. Curott nails the issue when she warns against the exploitation of Suffolk’s farms along Sound Avenue. What Mr. Gergela fails to tell the public is how his vision of making farming profitable includes profiting off of farms to which the public paid for the development rights with their tax dollars. Unless the County does something to stop the exploitation of the public’s rights, what you will see along Sound Avenue will not be traditional open air row farms, but huge permanent glass structures blocking the farm and open space views. You’ll have to look at historical pictures instead.

  • There are not enough studies being posted in newspapers or on line at TOWN web sites about the condition of LI’s groundwater and possible over development of this region. Sewer systems, ground water plumes, increasing density, infrastructure, smarth growth plans (which may not be so smart) and the like are difficult to get straight answers on. A 25A Corridor Study for Mount Sinai to Wading River will soon reveal PHASE TWO of it’s implentation goals, this will go for public hearing, Brookhaven, in June, I am told. This may be tied into the Carmen River preservation plan, as hundreds of TDR’s will encourage development else where in Brookhaven, to preserve the River’s water shed, but will saving the River take a heavy toll on other sensitive areas? I see some of this as a real crisis and this trend seems to be Island wide…possible over development of sensitive areas.

  • “They take paradise…. put up a parking lot!”

    That’s the “New Sound” of Long Island Sound… The song was released in 1970. Now, 41 years later, there’s been no change in direction. Those that are old enough to remember what the area looked like 40 years ago should tell all those that are younger, what it was like 40 years ago. point out all the vacant buildings and abandoned parking lots that did not last 40 years, while the “paradise” they replaced was there for milleniums!

    Remember, those that develop rareley ever live in the areas they “develop.” That says a lot!