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North Fork Designer Show House returns Aug. 14

TR0813_Acover_Showhouse3The organizers of the North Fork Designer Show House, a charitable event in which local home and landscape designers join together to transform a shabby 19th-century farmhouse into a dwelling worthy of a magazine spread, are at it again.

But following the success of two previous events — one last August and a Christmas-themed show house in December — they face the dual challenge of wowing returning guests and attracting new visitors to the 12-room home, which is again on loan from Cutchogue Presbyterian Church.

“We had to figure out how to make it a draw for new people,” said Kate DiGregorio of the event’s organizing committee. “It had to be 100 percent different.”

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PHOTO CREDIT: A hoop house turned meditation studio designed by event organizer Bob Tapp. (Credit: Liz Glasgow)

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