Massage therapy business in Southold now doubles as clothing store

Healing Hands Massage Therapy

Patricia Liantonio understands the importance of feeling good. A licensed amma therapist for nearly 30 years, she’s dedicated her life to helping others find relief from pain and stress.

This year, she expanded on that idea by offering products for outer well-being, mainly by transforming the front of her Southold business, Healing Hands Massage Therapy, into a clothing boutique.

“I wanted to give women the option to feel beautiful from the inside and outside,” she said, adding that the clothes are “casual, elegant and beautiful, but affordable.”

Liantonio, who said she’s loved fashion all her life, began looking into brands about a year ago and officially began displaying the clothes around the massage studio six months ago. She currently carries items that range in cost from $40 to $200.