Blotters: Time share scam under investigation

A Mattituck couple told police May 1 that they decided to sell their time share in Mexico. A woman named “Mary MacDonald” from “Sunshine Vacation Properties LLC” called the couple and said they owned the Mexican government $3,680 for a transaction fee that would later be reimbursed. The couple made the payment from their bank account. “Ms. MacDonald” later claimed she needed an additional $5,800 for other fees and the couple allowed that amount to be taken out of their bank account. The couple’s efforts to reach “Ms. MacDonald” were unsuccessful. They are out a total of $9,680. An investigation is continuing.

• A Mattituck man told police May 1 that an unknown subject opened a credit card in his name and charged $3,944 to that account. An investigation is continuing.

• An employee of North Fork Country Club told police May 2 that the employee mailed a check for $11,000 that was “intercepted, fraudulently altered and deposited” in another bank. A police report was filled out and an investigation is continuing.

• A Greenport man told police May 2 that a man claiming to be an employee of the Greenport utility company called and said he owed $150 on his bill. The caller told the man to wire the money from the 7-Eleven. The man instead went to Greenport Village Hall and was told they had not contacted him about a bill.

• A Cutchogue woman told police last Wednesday that she had received 20 to 30 unidentified calls on her cellphone. She told police that several days earlier, an unknown subject had placed a prayer card on the front seat of her car. This was followed by a phone call with a male voice saying “I am watching you.” She asked police to document the incident.

Those who are named in police reports have not been convicted of any crime or violation. The charges against them may later be reduced or withdrawn, or they may be found innocent.