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06/14/2014 5:40 PM
Last year's queen Leah  LaFreniere (left) with the new queen, Jasmine Clasing of Southold. (Credit: Katharine Schroeder)

Last year’s queen Leah LaFreniere (left) with the new queen, Jasmine Clasing of Southold. (Credit: Katharine Schroeder)

Southold teen Jasmine Clasing was crowned Strawberry Queen Saturday at the 60th annual Mattituck Lions Club’s Strawberry Festival.

Clasing, 17, takes over the crown from Leah LaFreniere.  (more…)

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11/01/2013 10:00 AM

KATHARINE SCHROEDER PHOTO | Dozens of kids in costume celebrated Halloween last night at the Mattituck Lions Club.

The Mattituck Lions Club held its annual Halloween celebration Thursday evening. Dozens of kids in costume marched in a parade from the firehouse to the school gym, where they were treated to a party complete with DJ and light show.

Judges Joanne Dougherty of Bridgehampton National Bank, 2013 Strawberry Queen Leah LaFreniere, and Love Lane Kitchen owner Carolyn Iannone awarded prizes in several categories.

Some of the winners included:
Ages 0 to 3: Brendan Erickson, 2, for scariest costume; Ellie McKenna, 2, for cutest; Mason Sterling, 18 months, for most original.

Ages 4 to 7: Charlie Pasca, 7, for cutest costume; Cormac Orlowski, 6, for scariest; Mikael Rice, 6, for most original.

Ages 8 to 10: Avianna Merkel, 8, for cutest costume; Ethan Evers, 9, for scariest; Ben Dufton, 9, for most original.

Ages 11 to 13: Rhiannon Cherney, 11, for scariest costume; Michael Wineberger, 12, for most original.

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06/23/2013 12:50 PM

With financial help from the Mattituck Lions Club, Eastern Long Island Hospital recently acquired a new piece of X-ray equipment for children age 3 and under.

Though the name of the device, the Pigg-O-Stat, may sound more kid-friendly than doctor-friendly, hospital officials said it’s crucial to pediatric care.

The Pigg-O-Stat is a “pediatric immobilizer and positioner” designed to hold infants and young children in place for chest x-rays. That spares parents and hospital personnel, who previously had to hold the child still, from unnecessary radiation exposure.

“The most difficult image to capture is one of a small child,” ELIH radiology technician Nancy Ryan said. “How can you expect a crying baby or toddler to understand the concept of not moving?”

According to the product’s website, the Pigg-O-Stat “gives better quality radiographs with more precise positioning and radiation protection in less than one-tenth of normal time.”

The equipment has already been used several times.

“The new immobilizer works beautifully to keep the child still and in position, ensuring a quality image the first time,” said Ms. Ryan.

It’s adjustable for young children of normal size for their age, comes with form-fitting Plexiglas body, head and arm supports and is easily sterilized, according to the manufacturer.

“Acquiring new pediatric imaging equipment such as the Pigg-O-Stat illustrates to the community that ELIH is here to provide care to all ages in our local community,” said Paul Con-nor, hospital president and CEO. “We are constantly looking for new and improved technology that translates to excellence in patient care.”

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