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A teacher holds a stack of letters from military volunteers after Lt. Col. Shawn Fitzgerald's presentation in a Cutchogue classroom Friday afternoon. (Credit: Paul Squire)

A teacher holds a stack of letters from military volunteers after Lt. Col. Shawn Fitzgerald’s presentation in a Cutchogue classroom Friday afternoon. (Credit: Paul Squire)

Earlier this year, kindergarteners and second-graders from classes at Cutchogue East Elementary School decorated and packed small bags with candy to send to Air Force Lt. Col. Shawn Fitzgerald and the rest of the 103rd Rescue Squadron stationed in eastern Africa.

On Friday, they got a very special kind of thank you from Lt. Col. Fitzgerald — whose two sons, Colin and Trevor, are in the classes — and the service members he deployed with.  (more…)

The Mattituck school board Thursday night. (Credit: Jen Nuzzo)

The Mattituck school board Thursday night. (Credit: Jen Nuzzo)

School property tax relief is coming to veterans living within the Mattituck-Cutchogue School District next school year.

The school board voted 6-0 without discussion at Tuesday’s meeting to approve a “basic maximum” exemption, which is expected to increase property taxes for all other district residents by about $17 annually. Board vice president Charlie Anderson was absent.


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Grade 12: Catherine Creedon, Brittany Doucett, Yanet Garcia, Caitlin Grilli, Aylin Guvenc, Samantha Henry, C.J. Hulse, Emma Marshall, Megan Murray, Dennis Nikolov, Carolyn Saito, Kenya Sanders, Isabelle Simon, Maria Soriano, Timmy Stevens, Sarah Tuthill, Christian Van Cleef, Sean Walden, Connor Whittle.

Grade 11: Valentina Acero, Ryan Costello, Marina DeLuca, Mercedes Edwards, Liam Lieblein, Maxwell Mastrangelo, Aidan Pollock, Carly Short, Thomas Spackman, Rosemary Volinski, Brendan Walker, Nicholas Wallace.

Grade 10: Toni Esposito, Ginger Hughes, Jared Leon, Caitlyn Macomber, Vivian Mantzopoulos, Maia Mazzaferro, Angelina Pagano, Jennifer Palencia, Erica Peterson, Eduardo Sanchez, Keegan Syron, Madison Tabor, Emelys Villareal, Jonathan Webster, Alexandra Zurek.

Grade 9: Elizabeth Clark, Joseline Colon, Blayr Corazzini, Madison Hilton, Alexis Hubbard, Emelia Jacobi, Kevin Lin, Madison Manwaring, Samuel Mastrangelo, Emma Mc Cabe, Kathleen Mc Cabe, Zoe Medina, Myles Murray, Karla Rivas, Tabina Sherwani, Nellie Spackman, Grace Syron, Lena Wolf.

Grade 8: Jorlan Alvarez, Julesiah Atkins, Brandon Clark, Reese Costello, Maximo Cruz, Jillian Golden, Cem Harvey, Garrick Hughes, Jacob Kahn, Xavier Kahn, Saed Puac, Nereida Toribio, Miguel Torres, Thomas Tsaveras, Brittany Walker.

Grade 7: Ahkee Anderson, Autumn Behrle, Sailor Combs-Pollock, Caitlyn De Fio, McKenna Demarest, Kaylee Hansen, Isabelle Higgins, Emily Hughes, Christopher Kuczynski, Digby Loveless, Courtney Martocchia, Joseph Mc Innis, Mack Mezynieski, Irene Hope Papamichael, Jackson Rung Wile, Joshua Santacroce, Melody Silie, Jessica Villareal, Sophia Wachtel, Drew Wolf.


Grade 12: Sophia Albizures, Dawn Angevine, Cindy Azurdia, Stephanie Clark, Chloe Creighton, Niklas Droskoski, Cinthia Gaitan, Moses Gonzalez, Shannon Hands, Adeline Haugen, Kelsey Hubbard, David Krumenacker, Ivy Manwaring, Rony Perez, Elizabeth Powe, Rosario Rodriguez, Jarod Tramontana, Jason Van Brunt.

Grade 11: Andrew Aurichio, William Blasko, Dylan DePetro, Senih Gorgulu, Mark Guliaiev, Rosa Hernandez, Stephanie King, Nikos Panagopoulos, Paige Pope, Bayron Rivas, Isabel Wachtel.

Grade 10: Paige Asimenios, Lucina Aurichio, Benjamin Bracken, Mathew Cardi, Ellen Cecaida, Adrianna Chandler, Oscar Coc Tomas, Sarah Gogan, Joseph Henry, Rachael Hughes, Dominique Kart, Rosa Lopez, Benjamin Marczewski, Matthew Wysocki.

Grade 9: Carlos Chapeton Masin, Rosa Chapeton, Shannon Colfer, Anna Maria Llukaci, Jenna Loper, Casper Loveless, Jordan Marshall, Kristian Nikolov, Ashley Payne, Kateryn Pineda Rivas, Scott Rock, Isabelle Torres, Matthew Tuthill.

Grade 8: Mateo Arias-Roldan, Emelyn Azurdia, William Chapeton, Anna Coria, Jose Coria, Jason Cruz Rodriguez, Jacob Mazzaferro, James Morrison, Joseph Owens, Anyelina Ramirez, Christian Romero, Andria Skrezec, James Stulsky, Ian Thompson, Christopher Vedder, John Wright, Joseph Wysocki.

Grade 7: Jammye Calderon-Orellana, Ava Cosby, William Donahue, Marilu Galicia, Matthew Gomez, Demetrios Mantzopoulos, Lizania Martinez-Arroyo, Andrea Mena-Ochoa, Daniela Moranchel-Flores, Bryan Soriano, Marissa Swiskey, Veronica Ware.

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Grade 12: Leah Baxendale, Mary Bertschi, Rachel Burns, Michael Cosmadelis, Ryan DiGregorio, Jack Dunne, Jasmine Fell, Jonna Franke, Rebecca Guarriello, Natalie Hocker, Jennifer Jaklevic, Jessica Jerome, Shayne Johnson, Kaitlyn Kettenbeil, Alexandra Lasot, Alexis Leonard, Callahan Long, Matthew McCarthy, Jennifer Membreno Umana, Thomas Messana, Grace O’Donnell, Sarah Perry, Sophie Pickerell, Alexander Poliwoda, Emily Pressler, Gregory Quist, Julia Saccamano, Jessica Saporita, Claudia Steinmuller, William Tondo, Chrysovalantou Tsoumpelis, Cara Vaccariello, Megan VanBourgondien, Juliane VanGorden, Nicholas VanMater, Liam Walker, Morgan Walter, Winter Wilcenski.  (more…)

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Superintendent David Gamberg speaking about standardized test scores in 2011.

Superintendent David Gamberg at a Southold school board meeting in 2011. (Credit: file)

Some courses offered at up-island BOCES campuses could be coming to the North Fork.

David Gamberg, superintendent of the Southold and Greenport school districts, says he’s had preliminary discussions with officials at Eastern Long Island Hospital and Peconic Landing to develop a local nursing assistant program.

In addition to the planned student communications center in Southold, which nearby school districts would share, Mr. Gamberg said he’s exploring the feasibility of creating other courses to help students become college- or career-ready upon graduating from high school.

A nursing assistant program for students could be established by the 2016-17 school year, he estimates. (more…)

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11/28/2014 2:00 PM
Southold High School student Kimiko Fujita records a student newscast Monday at the school. (Credit: Jen Nuzzo)

Southold High School student Kimiko Fujita records a student newscast Monday at the school. (Credit: Jen Nuzzo)

There’s a section of Southold High School’s tech shop that’s starting to look a lot like a communications center — complete with a television studio and radio station.

A news anchor’s desk and green screen were recently added.

Over in the next room is an open space slated to become a control room where newscasts, documentaries and public service announcements would be edited. But that equipment will cost money, and the students don’t want to wait for the district to secure funding to finish furnishing the proposed communications center. So they’ve partnered with the Southold School Educational Foundation, a nonprofit group that acts like a booster club to provide enhanced learning opportunities in the district, and launched a “SOHO TV, Film and All Things Media” campaign this month to raise money to purchase standard equipment used in broadcasting, like Apple computers with Final Cut software, a teleprompter and microphones. (more…)