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02/13/16 10:00am

Greenport 3-D printing

Crowding the door of Mike Davies’ technology classroom at Greenport High School is a group of about 10 students eagerly watching a pancake being made.

But this isn’t your Aunt Jemima’s pancake. It’s not even being cooked in a pan.

Rather, this completely edible food item is being made using a 3-D printer, which allows students to make designs in it. READ

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01/27/16 9:00am


Nineteen little hands shot into the air recently at Cutchogue East Elementary School, where the fourth-graders were eager to share what they had learned about the world’s largest land mammal: elephants.

Their wealth of knowledge — and desire to share it — stems from a new schoolwide elephant fostering project, which has spawned interest in an animal that children are more likely to see in a circus or Disney film than in the classroom. READ