Governor lifts travel ban; drivers asked to use caution

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s travel ban ends at 7 a.m., but drivers on the North Fork are being asked to use extreme caution.

The storm, which dropped more than a foot of snow on the North Fork Saturday, has led to expected continued hazardous driving conditions.

Governor Cuomo, who is expected to address the media again at 9:45 a.m., said the Long Island Railroad is expected to be back up and running in time for the Monday morning commute.

“The travel ban issued earlier today allowed emergency teams to make significant progress in clearing the roads,” Governor Cuomo said at a Saturday night press conference.  “As crews continue to respond to the storm and the severity of weather conditions decrease, we are lifting the travel ban so New Yorkers can resume their daily routines. Public safety is of paramount importance and we encourage New Yorkers to continue exercising caution while traveling.”

PSEG said it restored service to more than 25,000 Long Island customers affected by outages Saturday. No outages remain across the North Fork.

While the snow has stopped and the sun is expected to peek out later this morning, temperatures are expected to remain below freezing Sunday with a high of 32 degrees forecast for the area.

Check back for more details on local road conditions, flooding details and other storm-related updates as information becomes available Sunday. If you have photos or information you’d like to share with our staff contact executive editor Grant Parpan at [email protected] or by phone at 631-354-8046.