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Cops: Greenport man arrested on robbery, assault charges

A Greenport teen has been charged with felony robbery and misdemeanor assault after he allegedly took part in a brawl at a party in East Marion earlier this month, according to police sources.

Police Chief Martin Flatley said the victim told police he was at a party on Aug. 5 and was “assaulted by several different male subjects.” The victim was taken to a local emergency room to be treated for his injuries, Chief Flatley said.

About a week later on Aug. 14, Darrius Strickland, 18, was stopped on Fourth Avenue in Greenport by a police officer because he was wanted for a previous charge, according to a police report. Mr. Strickland was found to be in possession of marijuana and was arrested, the report states.

Mr. Strickland was charged with possession of marijuana, a violation, as well as the felony and misdemeanor charges in connection with the alleged assault at the party, according to a town court clerk. In a court appearance, a restraining order was imposed to protect the victim. Mr. Strickland is currently free on bail.

Other details about the case weren’t provided since it is still being actively investigated, Chief Flatley said.