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Blotter: Fraudulent codeine prescriptions reported in Southold and Greenport

A report of a kitchen fire brought a Southold police officer and the Southold Fire Department to a Southold home on Oct. 10. The officer was able to extinguish a stove fire and fire personnel removed the appliance and cleared the residence of smoke, which allowed the owners to return.

• A New Suffolk woman told police Oct. 9 that she gave a $1,100 deposit to a Cutchogue man for repair and upholstery for two chairs. She said that for the past two months he has rarely responded to her questions about when the job would be completed. The woman told police the work has not been done nor have the chairs been returned to her. Police also attempted to contact the Cutchogue man with no results. An officer also said the business is no longer located at the Cutchogue address. The complainant was told this is a civil matter that needs to be handled in small claims court.

• On Oct. 8 a Massachusetts man told police he found a silver-colored metal ring containing one blue stone and several clear stones on the ground near his vehicle in Greenport. The ring was taken to the property room at the Southold police department for safekeeping.

• On Oct. 7 Southold Pharmacy informed police of a possible fraudulent prescription for phenergan and codeine. An unidentified male picked up the prescription and paid with cash. The pharmacy told police the same doctor had also written another prescription for a supposed Southold man. A police report says the names of the people for whom the prescriptions were intended were false. Investigation is continuing.

A police report says the same circumstances occurred on the same day at a Greenport pharmacy, with a prescription phoned in for phenergan and codeine. A man picked up the prescription and paid in cash. “Today the same out-of-town doctor prescribed the same medication to a different person,” the report states. Footage from a surveillance camera is being examined.

• A Cutchogue man called Southold police Oct. 9 to report that a sailboat had broken from its mooring and struck the breakwater off Vanston Road in Cutchogue. Police attempted to contact the boat’s owner without success. A police report says the vessel caused significant damage to a wooden jetty and the sailboat’s mast was broken off and hanging over the jetty.

• On Oct. 10 police arrested Miguel Secaida-Giron after stopping him for failing to maintain his lane while driving. The report said his eyes were glassy and his breath smelled of alcohol. He failed standardized roadside sobriety tests and was transported to headquarters for processing.

• Police initiated a traffic stop Oct. 7 after anonymous reports that the driver of the car, a Cutchogue woman, “was hanging out of the driver’s side window. The woman told the officer only her hand was outside the window “as a form of protest.” The report says the same woman “has done this numerous times before.” No further action was taken.

• A Southold woman told police Oct. 6 that she was a victim of identity theft. She said that an account had been opened for her at Santander Bank, but that she did not open any accounts. The woman reported no financial losses, but will contact various credit agencies to investigate further.

• Police were called to a store in Greenport Oct. 6 after reports that some inventory was missing. Surveillance footage showed a person putting items in her pocketbook and exiting the store without paying.

• Police responded to Maratooka Lane in Mattituck Oct. 10 to investigate a report of a disturbance caused by a golf cart carrying an adult and a child. No such cart was located.

• On Oct. 9 police responded to a Greenport business to investigate a dispute. A report states that a store employee got into a verbal altercation with a patron when that person approached the counter to pay for an item. As he did so, according to a report, the employee “reached into his pants to adjust his underwear.” This “grossed out” the customer, who demanded his money back. The employee said the customer threatened to “jump over the counter” if he didn’t refund the money. It was refunded and the customer left.

• Someone painted over the “Goldsmith’s Boat Shop Inc.” sign on Hobart Avenue in Southold, according to an Oct. 8 police report. The sign was rendered unreadable.

• The manager of business on Front Street in Greenport called police Oct. 7 to report that a Baldwin, N.Y., man and two friends refused to leave the premises when asked. The group became belligerent toward the manager and staff. Officers responded and told the group to leave; they initially refused but ultimately complied. 

• A Medford man who owns property on Soundview Avenue in Southold told police Oct. 6 that he is in a dispute with a Greenport man over work being done at the Southold address. The property owner told police the Greenport man had texted him, saying: “If I don’t receive payment my guys will remove 40k of the rock.” The property owner told police he wants the Greenport man off his property. The Greenport man told police the property owner “attempted to run him over with his truck.” The Greenport man said the property owner has paid him $125,000 and still owes him $44,000 for a wall under construction. The parties were told this is a civil matter.

Those who are named in police reports have not been convicted of any crime or violation. The charges against them may later be reduced or withdrawn, or they may be found innocent.