Southold blotter: Tires slashed on Front Street

On Feb. 13, police responded to a report from a Mattituck woman that her neighbor “was playing loud music and was yelling profanity out the window.” The resident said she had an order of protection against her neighbor, 47-year-old Tisha Watroba. Police confirmed the order of protection and placed Ms. Watroba under arrest, according to a report.

• Last Thursday, a 56-year-old Southold resident told police that someone hacked her Stop and Shop account and used her credit card to charge $293.31 for items to be shipped to an address in New Jersey, which was declined by her bank. A further investigation is pending.

• A Greenport man reported to police last Thursday that someone had her car tire slashed for the third time in front of a business on Front Street in Greenport. The man also said a similar incident happened to an employee of the business. The employee told police “the damage looked as if someone had taken a flathead screwdriver to puncture the tire and then twisted it in circles, ultimately leaving a gigantic hole.” An investigation is ongoing.

• John Bohkme, 49, of Palm Beach, Fla., turned himself in to Southold police headquarters Friday on an active bench warrant, police said. He was arrested and processed and held for arraignment at Southold Town Justice Court, according to a report.

• On Friday, a Greenport Village official “reported he received a report of homeless subjects sleeping under the boardwalk.” An officer responded and found blankets and empty alcohol containers under the boardwalk that leads to the docks. The officer said he would check the area again.

• A Southold police officer on patrol Sunday saw graffiti reading “MRMOM” on an electrical box at Greenport Harbor Brewing in Peconic. The owner of the company told police he would review security camera footage and contact police with any further information. The same graffiti was also found on a guard rail on Shipyard Lane in East Marion, according to police.

• On Sunday, police received several reports of cars in Cutchogue being rummaged through. Three residents on Dean Drive in Cutchogue told police someone had gone into their cars and opened glove boxes; a resident of Beebe Drive in Cutchogue reported that his car had been rummaged through; and two residents on Deep Hole Drive told police their cars were rummaged through, according to police. Police advised the residents to lock their car doors.

• On Sunday, a Mattituck man told police that someone stole tools from a trailer parked at his residence after using bolt cutters to cut the lock. A larceny affidavit was completed, according to police.

Those who are named in police reports have not been convicted of any crime or violation. The charges against them may later be reduced or withdrawn, or they may be found innocent.