Ferry management to press charges against trespassers

REPORTER FILE PHOTO A melee at the North Ferry dock in Greenport early Sunday morning resulted in arrests and anticipated charges of trespassing against several individuals.
A melee at the North Ferry dock in Greenport early Sunday resulted in arrests and anticipated charges of trespassing. (Credit: file photo)

A melee aboard North Ferry boats about 2 a.m. Sunday led to the arrests of several people who apparently jumped over closed gates and, in at least one case, jumped from the ferry landing over a gap between the landing and a boat.Police haven’t yet released details on the arrests, but North Ferry General Manager Bridg Hunt confirmed the incident, saying, “We will press charges. They’re clearly trespassing.”

Workers aboard the boats confirmed it’s not unusual for them to find signs of trespassers who have left fishing hooks and other debris on the decks of boats in the past.

“We would like people to respect the privacy” of the boats, Mr. Hunt said, noting that he doesn’t know what other steps can be taken beyond the security that the fences provide, blocking access until they’re opened by ferry personnel.

It’s known that several young men typically fish from the Rail Road dock in Greenport, adjacent to the ferry slips, late at night. But in only one case, several years ago, was there a serious problem resulting from fishermen throwing debris into the water.

At that time, while not taking responsibility specifically for the problem, a group from Nassau County sent a team of volunteers who dived to retrieve debris from the water around the dock.

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