03/19/17 5:59am
03/19/2017 5:59 AM

In 1917 the first Pulitzer Prizes were awarded, the United States got involved in World War I and the University of Oregon defeated the University of Pennsylvania in the third annual Rose Bowl.

It was also the year five residents at the Greenport retirement community Peconic Landing — Charles Slama, Edwin Masback, Genevieve Leskody, Sally Haupt and Helen White — were born, making this the year they’ll all celebrate their 100th birthdays.

Although today they are all neighbors, their lives have gone in different directions in the past century. READ

01/18/17 2:15pm
01/18/2017 2:15 PM

Howard Dean

Howard Dean will hold a nonpartisan discussion this month at Peconic Landing about the current state of American politics.

Mr. Dean — the former governor of Vermont, Democratic National Committee chair and 2004 presidential candidate — will give a short lecture, leaving most of the time for a question-and-answer session.


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It takes about five minutes of performing continuous CPR until a person starts to get tired, said Greenport firefighter Mike Richter. After that, they might not push deep enough or consistently enough, he said.

But a new device purchased by the Greenport Fire Department using donated money from Peconic Landing — which is also now in use by other fire departments on the North Fork — is helping to solve that problem.  READ