Blotter: Two Greenport encampments investigated

On April 22, Southold police received a report of illegal dumping on a section of Sage Boulevard in Greenport. The caller said the debris included broken concrete and pavement, along with a bucket of tar. Police said extra patrols would be provided to the area.

• Police were called to Stony Brook Eastern Long Island Hospital April 22 after receiving a report that a discharged patient was refusing to leave. The patient told police she was looking for further treatment but the hospital would not provide it. The patient left the hospital and was driven at her request to a nearby bus stop by a Southold police officer. Later, the same woman was seen at a Greenport business and refused to leave after being denied use of a bathroom. An officer responded and returned her to the hospital to use a bathroom there and to possibly sign herself back into detox.

• On April 23, police investigated a possible homeless encampment south of Webb Street in Greenport. No identifying information was found at the site but a report was made and police said additional efforts will be made to identify who is living there. On the same day, police investigated an encampment on Ninth Street in Greenport and found a tent filled with personal belongings and several inches of standing water.

• An 82-year-old East Marion man told police April 23 that he gave an unknown person his personal information over the phone. He was advised to close his bank accounts. Police said he suffered no financial losses.

• On Friday, a 78-year-old Cutchogue man told police that, while checking his bank account, he saw an unauthorized charge of $1,435.04, made through a Venmo account. The man said he did not authorize the transaction and wanted it documented. He said he would contact his bank to try and recover the money.

Those who are named in police reports have not been convicted of any crime or violation. The charges against them may later be reduced or withdrawn, or they may be found innocent.