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10/24/16 6:00am
10/24/2016 6:00 AM


In an election cycle where the size of one candidate’s hands and the pantsuits of the other are discussed as frequently — if not more — than issues facing the country, it can be difficult for people to figure out what to prioritize when it comes to casting their vote.


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10/22/16 2:00pm
10/22/2016 2:00 PM


Negotiations between PSEG and Greenport Village over a proposed underwater cable project on Fifth Street haven’t moved any further along since a public forum last month between the power company and village residents, said Greenport Village Mayor George Hubbard Jr. READ

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10/21/16 11:48pm
10/21/2016 11:48 PM

Greenport:Southold:Mattituck football player Jordan Fonseca 102116

Like ghostly figures from a horror flick, they slowly emerged from the thick fog that had eerily descended upon Dorrie Jackson Memorial Field, making for a rather surreal scene. The dejected looks on the faces of the Greenport/Southold/Mattituck players reflected the pain they undoubtedly felt in their hearts as they quietly trudged by on the rain-soaked field.

The Porters knew they lost a lot more than a high school football game.

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10/21/16 9:00am

Southold High School’s Class of 2020 is selling flags to honor veterans, current service members or ROTC cadets. Flags will be displayed on the school’s Memorial Meadow Field of Flags Nov. 5 through Dec. 8 and will be available for pickup by sponsors Dec. 9. READ

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10/21/16 6:00am

Susan Hedges

As a child, Susan Hedges loved entertaining people and making them laugh. A former Long Island High School for the Arts student, she hoped to pursue acting after graduation.

Initially, she participated in community theater events at night after working in operations during the day. But as she started a family and put in more time at the office, her time at the theater decreased.