05/16/19 5:43am

As a girl summering in Orient, Susan Magrino learned to love the water. “I was fearless,” she said recently, recalling days spent crabbing on a small dinghy. Until one day, after loaning the boat to a neighbor, she discovered the motor broken.

“My father said, ‘Well, it’s your boat, it’s your responsibility,’ and I never forgot that lesson. It taught me that if something is given to you, it’s your responsibility. No one’s going to bail you out.”

04/27/19 6:00am
04/27/2019 6:00 AM

For their most challenging salvage jobs, the crews at Sea Tow Eastern Long Island turn to their oldest, most trusted boat: Sea Tow I.

More than three decades after first entering the water, the 24-foot vessel still operates with its original hull. The steering wheel is original. The distinctive yellow paint dates back to 1997, having received only occasional touch-ups since.

04/26/19 12:00pm
04/26/2019 12:00 PM

In preparation for another busy summer season, some hotels in Greenport Village are modifying or expanding their services. 

Three proposals brought before the Village Planning Board Thursday night, two of which were approved, revolved around modifications to The Menhaden, American Beech and Greenporter Hotel.